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Checkout Popup

NexoPOS 4.x provides a checkout popup that is used to save a sale by registering the customer payment. This guide will explain how the checkout popup works on NexoPOS 4.x.

Using Checkout On NexoPOS 4.x

We'll now see how to use the Checkout popup on NexoPOS. Note that this popup can only be opened if the cart has some products. So once you have some products ready, click on "Pay".

That will open the payment popup (if you already selected a customer and the order type if Gastro is enabled).

Let's explain every section of the payment popup.

Payment Gateway Selection

The payment gateway allows you to select one or more payment that can be used for a sale. By default, 3 Payments Gateway are available :

  • Cash
  • Bank Payment
  • Customer Account

If you want to switch between each payment gateway, you need to click on each one.

Payment List

Below the payments gateway, there is a payment. In the case you're using more than one payment for a sale, those will be listed there.

From there you can see all the payments added and delete them if needed.

Payment Numpad

The payment Numpad include visuals that show various details such as :

1 - Total: which is the total amount of the order

2 - Discount: any discount amount that applies to the cart

3 - Paid: the amount that is tendered by the customer (this shows all payments added)

4 - Change: the difference between the total and the paid amount

5 - Screen: shows the actual amount typed on the Numpad.

6 - Numpad: The numerical pad used for typing amount. You might need to learn more about how it works here.

7 - Quick Amounts: Amounts shortcut to speed the checkout process.

8 - Full Payment: That will add the total amount as full payment for the selected payment gateway. When pressed, the order is also submitted.