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This documentation guide elaborates on every aspect of NexoPOS 4.x. If you consider using NexoPOS 4.x, you should start by configuring your environment. Then right after you can download and install NexoPOS.

# User Guide

The user guides include every tutorial that shows how to install and use NexoPOS 4.x features. Every users should therefore start by :

Right after, you'll need to authenticate your account on with Envato to ensure your licenses are automatically added and you receive the 40$ bonus as a balance for the marketplace.

Form your account profile, you'll just have to proceed with the authentication with Envato and that's all.

Right after that, you'll need to learn how the basic components work. For example, you can learn :

Which are the guide that covers the entire process of creating a product, category, units and making procurement (purchase order).

Regarding the sales process, you'll need to learn :

Sometimes, bad things might happen and then you need to be prepared for that. Here are the things you'll often need to do to start fixing issues on NexoPOS 4.x :

# Developer Guide

If NexoPOS 4.x doesn't provide enough features as you desire, you might consider adding more features to it. You'll be able to do that by creating a module. However, creating a module for NexoPOS 4.x requires you first to have a better understanding of Laravel, then only after you'll be able to understand all that follows as globally NexoPOS 4.x uses Laravel API.

The process of creating a module is followed by other guides that show how to interact with NexoPOS API. You'll then need to go through :