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Nexo Print Server is a software that aims to ease printing using NexoPOS. This was mainly made for NexoPOS 3 and is not compatible with NexoPOS 5 and beyond. This new version includes local and cloud printing that might be convenient for all use cases.

In this guide, you'll learn how to configure Nexo Print Server for local printing or for cloud printing.

Cloud Configuration

The Cloud configuration will allow you to print on NexoPOS using Nexo Cloud Print services. Read more about the terms of use in order to know how access to the services works.

During the installation of NexoPOS, you'll be asked to create a client on (this process is free).

Local Configuration

The local configuration implies printing locally without using internet access. The convenience of this configuration is that you're not required to have a valid license for printing locally. However, that implementation doesn't work correctly for network printing.


Network printing is a process by which any device on a network can print using Nexo Print Server. As most browser requires websites to be on a secure protocol (SSL), using the IP address shared across those devices will lead to certificate error as Nexo Print Server uses a self-signed certificate.