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Conflicting Dashboard

The dashboards might get into conflict when a user has more than 1 role that has a dashboard assigned. Indeed, since NexoPOS 4.7.x, a user can have more than 1 role.

Each role can have a dashboard or no dashboard assigned. Let's see how to resolve this.

Adjusting Role Dashboard

This is likely a misconfiguration and can be solved by disabling a dashboard for what should be named an abstract role.

An abstract role is a role that has specific permissions and can be shared among many users for granting a specific ability. Typically, it's a role that can be granted to cashiers, and admin for allowing them to access a specific store (in case of multistore).

For solving this issue, we need to make sure the abstract role assigned to the user doesn't have any dashboard assigned.

Note that if more than 2 roles are assigned to the users, only one of these roles must have a dashboard assigned.