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Products Not Appearing For Sale

When you're creating a product, it might happen that you're not able to see a product you've created. There are many reasons why a product might be hidden on the POS (point of sale) and we'll figure out what are the steps you should go through to fix that issue.

1 - Physical Product With No Inventory

If you create a product that has the status "physical", these products need to have some stock in order to be available for sale.

The solution here is then to make a stock-taking (or purchase order).

In the case you have disabled the stock management, the product should be visible. If it's not the case, then the problem might be elsewhere.

2 - Product Not Available For Sale

While creating a product, you might control the sale status of a product. This can be changed from the product itself.

The solution here is to make sure to change the status from "Hidden" to "On sale". If that doesn't fix the problem, then the issue might be elsewhere.

3 - Product Assigned To An Intermediate Category

If you order your categories in a way they have a hierarchy, the products shouldn't be assigned to a parent category. This because while opening a parent category, NexoPOS will open the subcategories and not the products attached to it.

4 - Accurate Tracking Enabled For A Product

When accurate stock tracking is enabled for a product, that product can no longer be added using the products grid. The product can therefore only be added using a barcode reader.

Setting this option to "No" should make the product available on the POS.

5 - Product Unit Has Expired

In case you define a product as expirable, then if the unit of the product reached the expiration, that product will no longer be available for sale according to the settings you've defined on how expired products are handled.

6 - Product Searcable Status Set to "No"

A product might be available but disabled from the search status. This is useful in case we might want to hide some products for sale, but want them to be available as a modifier (in the case of Gastro).

You'll then need to make sure the product is searchable so that it can be visible on the POS.

Are you still unable to see your product available for sale? Please let us know at [email protected].