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Reward System

A reward system is a feature that helps to create an automated reward mechanism by which your customers receive points to unlock a specific bonus.

Creating A Rewards

This component is available within the customer's menu as they are the ones eligible to benefit from this feature.

The reward system creation UI is a bit different from the form available on NexoPOS 4.x. As this form include a title, it also includes a general section and rules.

General Section

The general section is the section where you'll define the :

  • "Coupon" assigned as a reward, it is the prize of the Reward System you're creating.
  • "Target" which is what the customers need to reach in term of points in order to unlock the reward prize.
  • "Description" to provide further details about the Reward System.


Rules are a condition that needs to be met to give a point to a customer. Usually, this condition is based on a purchase that needs to be made by this latest. In fact, when a customer makes a sale between a specific amount range (from, to), the point is added to his account.

A reward system might have as many rules as possible. However, you should make sure the rules range doesn't enter into conflict as one of the rules will be preferred over the other, leading to undesired behavior. For example here are 2 rules entering into conflict.

The second rule range starting with "125" starts within the range of the rule range [100-150].

Managing Rewards System

After the creation, you'll be redirected to the list of rewards rules that uses the abstract table component. The actions possible by entires are edit and delete.