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Your data are safe with us. We're writing this guide to let you know how to deal with your personal information.

Credit Cards

We don't store credit card information in our database. Those are handled by "" which doesn't keep those details either (unless you've subscribed to a plan which is not provided by us at the moment).


Every time you register to our platform, you're subscribed to our lists. The main list receives informational emails, for example on every module, core update we'll let you know. You're still able to disable notifications for the modules/apps you have purchased.

We strictly use your email for sending information that might be relevant to you. Your email isn't shared or sold to any entities.

Account Deletion

Are you willing to delete your account? You got this right. Any request for account deletion should be made to [email protected]. We'll take all the necessary measure to remove your account and close the link to your Envato account.