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Updating NexoPOS 4.x

After having installed NexoPOS 4.x, chances are that you want to update it using the latest features. We've created a module that makes it easy as previously it was quite required to use the "CLI" and sometimes the file manager to upload the file.

This guide will explain how to can update NexoPOS using a module or manually.


Before considering doing an update either with a module or manually, you need to perform a backup of your system.

Database Backup

The main important thing to backup is your database. Chances are if Telescope is enabled on your database, you'll see a huge database. Therefore, you need to clear Telescope entries before proceeding, this means wiping (not deleting) three tables :

  • telescope_entries
  • telescope_entries_tags
  • telescope_monitoring

Note that here our database has as a prefix "ns_".

After that, you can export the database and save it on your computer.

Uploads Backup

The next step is to backup your uploads. You'll head to storage/app. You can safely zip your "public" folder within and store it on your computer.

Just in case, you might also need to backup your .env file.

Updating NexoPOS Manually

In order to update NexoPOS 4.x, you need to grab the file either from CodeCanyon or from Github. Once downloaded, you'll just have to overwrite the project, which means uploading the files you've downloaded.

Right after this, you'll need to restore your files and database.

Updating NexoPOS 4.x In One Click

You can perform an update of NexoPOS 4.x using a module. Note that this module is only compatible with certain versions of NexoPOS 4.x therefore if you fall on an incompatibility screen, make sure to manually update NexoPOS 4.x.

We've created a module named "My NexoPOS" and that module description page explains everything you need to know in order to update NexoPOS in one click.