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Managing Modifiers

Modifies on Gastro are regular products that have specific attributes. We wanted this version of Gastro to make it possible to sell modifiers as a standalone product as we can also sell it merged with another product.

Modifiers shouldn't be confused with grouped products that aim a different use case. Will describe everything that is needed to master the modifiers on Gastro.

Modifiers Groups

If a product is likely to have many modifiers applicable, you might find it convenient to group your modifiers together. Let's assume you would like to sell a Pizza that needs a specific toping. In that case, you'll create "Topping" as a modifier group and assign to that group every product that should be considered as a topping.

While creating a modifier group, you'll have to determine whether :

  • All modifiers are countable. Can be useful if a drink is provided as a modifier, while the customer requests more than one.
  • All modifiers can be multi-selected. Sometimes, you want the customer to choose only one applicable option. For example, if the size is used as a modifier, it makes more sense that only one size should be selected.
  • All modifiers are forced. This will force a customer to choose an option before submitting the product.

Create A Product As A Modifier

As a modifier is a regular product, special attention needs to be taken while creating it as a modifier. The Gastro module adds a "Gastro" tab on the product form. From that place you can do two things:

  • Create a product as a modifier, by assigning that to a modifier group
  • Add a modifier group to a product by assigning a modifier group to it.

The distinction needs to be understood to avoid any confusion.

In the first case, we want to use a product as a modifier and therefore, we want it to be part of a modifier group that can have other modifiers groups. In the second case, we're creating a product that has modifiers.

Product With Modifiers Group Assigned

Here is an example of a product that has modifiers groups assigned.

Product As a Modifier

This is an example of a product saved as a modifier. Note that a product can only be assigned to one modifier group at a time.