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Expense History

The expense history list all effective expenses that apply to the store. In fact, while creating an expense, it might not immediately be effective, especially in the case of recurring expenses which will be effective on a prior date. Unlike the expenses and expenses category, expenses history is only created by NexoPOS. The only actions possible are: reading and deleting.

Reading Expense History

The expenses history is available within the "Expenses" menu on a sub menu named "Expense History".

This takes you to a table that uses the abstract table component. From there, with the right permission, you'll be able to see all the expenses that are effective so far.

Deleting An Expense History

As it might happen that an expense can be registered mistakenly, it's then relevant to be able to delete one or more expense history. However, if an expense history is deleted, this triggers a global report refresh, which starts from the moment the expense history has been created till the current day. So deleting the expense won't immediately remove the expense from the database, as the system needs to ignore that expense on all reports it has been computed. The process might take some time according to the moment the expense has been created.