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If you've read this page, then probably you're wondering why there is a mismatch between the version you download and the last version of a module on the marketplace. This page will explain everything you need to know.

License Extended To Download

We've extended the license to the download. This means that you're eligible to download updates that are released during the time range of your support duration. The reason for this is to avoid users not having the support using a recent version that might have a problem, with us not being able to assist because of the license expiration.

You're still able to download your purchases, but if your support has expired, you'll download the version that has been released during the period of validity of your support.

Renewing Support For Recent Updates

In order to be able to either download recent updates and receive help from us for the update you've downloaded, you should make sure to always be able to renew your support.

As shown on this previous screenshot, we can only download the version v4.2.0, while the last version is v4.5.1 because the support has expired. You have then the choice to renew the support and your download by clicking on "Renew".

Deprecated Updates Are Removed

While we gradually add updates, some old updates are removed for download for security reasons. If we believe a download might harm a user's installation, that download is immediately removed. This means that if your support expires and during that time range, the last update of a module has been removed, you won't be able to download that unless you renew the support.