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Database Configuration

While moving NexoPOS from localhost to online hosting, you might need to keep your database and be able just to import the database on the new environment. Usually, the new environment doesn't use the same database credentials as the local installation. In that case, you need to update your database configuration.

Editing The .env File

The Database configuration is saved on the .env file located at the root of your NexoPOS installation. You'll need to use an editor to update your credentials.

Let's explain what consists of all the highlighted values.

  • DB_CONNEXION : here you'll define the type of your databse connexion. mysql applies to mariadb and mysql.
  • DB_HOST: here you'll set your database hostname. Usually that name is localhost, but it might be different on your server.
  • DB_PORT: That's the port to access the database. By default it's 3306.
  • DB_DATABASE: Here you define the database name.
  • DB_PASSWORD: Here you'll set your database password.
  • DB_PREFIX: This is where you define the table prefix of your installation.