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Regarding Licenses

All purchased items on My NexoPOS Platform are subject to a unique license that must be used within a project. A license can only be used once at a time. If the license is used in a staging environment, before moving to production, that license should be deactivated. One project can have multiple licenses for the same product, but one license cannot be used on two different projects.

The user is responsible for enabling and disabling his licenses on his server. In case the server where licenses are activated goes down and is therefore inaccessible for the user, we can proceed to deactivation from our end. However, abusive deactivation requests regarding a single license will be rejected.

Regarding Support

One year of support is included in every purchase. This also includes having access to updates. The customer should clearly indicate for which project he request support. The support from one project cannot be transferred to another project or to another user on the platform.

After every purchase of NexoPOS 4x, a free installation service is granted to the customer. Afterward, under extended support, My NexoPOS Platform team is available to help on the following tasks :

  • Installing modules
  • Updating modules
  • Fixing issues
  • Assist on NexoPOS 4.x configuration

For each of our interventions, we clearly describe what was possibly the issue and how the user can prevent solving it in the future. The customer cannot abusively request support regarding the same matter if it occurs because of his action.

Regarding Refunds

Every purchase module (app) purchase is likely to be refunded, and on each refund, the user balance is updated accordingly. Here are the reasons for which a refund can be granted :

  • The item is not working as described.
  • The customer has made a purchase by mistake and has not activated the license.
  • The support hasn't been given during a reasonable period of time. Usually, the customer should expect from 3 to 5 days to have a solution on a matter.

Here are the reasons why the refund can't be granted :

  • The item is not working as common sense expects.
  • The client of the user has canceled the project.
  • The client performed changes that caused the instability of the items
  • The end client of our client hasn't paid this latest.
  • The user server is not compatible with our solutions.

Account Termination

The customer might request an account termination at any time. Note that an account termination will involve clearing all data created by the user including purchases, which can't, later on, be recovered. The customer is always invited to contact us if he believes there is a service we didn't provide.

We might also terminate an account if we believe the account is subject to the prohibited behaviors mentioned down below.

Regardless of the manual or automatic account termination, the remaining balance will be refunded to the customer by any means linked to his account or provided during the termination process.

Regarding Prohibited Behaviors

One of the following actions from the users might lead to immediate action from the platform which can suspect temporary or permanently a user account. Here are the prohibited behaviors :

  • Going against the current terms of use.
  • Misuse My NexoPOS brands without prior authorization.
  • Overloading the support with intensive and repetitive requests. You might get a warning when we believe the requests are getting abusive.
  • Reselling our items without prior authorization.
  • Any attempts to hack or go against the normal process of the platform.
  • A single license is successfully used on more than one installation at a time.
  • Being aggressive and disrespectful while talking to the team or interacting with the other community members publicly.