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A media component is responsible for managing assets (mainly images). This component is available from the dashboard menu.

The media can also be used to populate the "media field". Here is how the media looks like.

This component has 2 tabs :

  • Upload Tab
  • Gallery Tab

Upload Tab

This tab should be used to upload new images on NexoPOS. You can do that either by drag and dropping images or by clicking on the drop zone to select the images you want to upload.

Every uploaded image has a reference on the database.

The gallery tabs show all images uploaded so far, from the most recent to the most oldest.

By Clicking in one image, you can see a side section opening for previewing the image.

This component also let you bulk select multiple images. In order to do that, after having clicked on the first image, click on the "check" button close to the delete button at the bottom of the component.

The from there you'll be able to select more images.

Media Input

As mentioned above, the media component can also be accessed using the media input. This typically looks like this :