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Common Database Issues

At a certain moment, you might run into a database issue with your installation of NexoPOS. regardless of the database you've chosen, those issues are common and have specific fixes.

No left Space On Device

This error usually means there is not enough space on the server for adding more entries to the database. If your installation of NexoPOS has Telescope enabled, you'll start by cleaning your telescope records like so:

php artisan telescope:prune --hours=0

If the commands fail, you'll need to see what else takes up spaces on your server and clear that. Usually, MySQL logs are responsible for that.

Access Denied

This usually occurs if an action that was performed by NexoPOS is denied by the database. The most common reason for this is inconsistent permissions.

You'll then make sure the database user which is defined on the .env file is allowed to either insert, delete or update records on your database.

Mysql Server Gone Away

This error occurs when for some reason, MySQL is unable to start on your server. You'll need to investigate what might be the possible cause to fix that.