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Header Buttons

From NexoPOS 5x, you're able to create header buttons your a crud component. This will help you add more features to a crud instance. This works in combination with Vue 3, which is used by default on NexoPOS 5x.

Declaring Header Buttons

In order to declare header buttons, you must create a "getHeaderButtons" method on your crud class. That class will return an array of buttons that has the following shape.

The string "yourVueComponent" is the actual name of the Vue3 component created and injected on the global object "nsExtraComponents". You might need to learn how to inject vue3 component on NexoPOS 5x.

We must add that instead of registering a global footer content, you should add it only when your crud component is rendered. For that, you'll inject your view at the footer like this:

You'll replace "crud identifier here" with the actual identifier of the crud instance where you want to inject content at the footer. Make sure to load the appropriate view file, where your Vue 3 component is added to the nsExtraComponents object.

Now only when the crud table of that your crud component is rendered, the view will be injected.