0. Requirements

Before considering installing NexoPOS 4.x let's table a little bit about what are the requirements. This section will cover the requirements in terms of knowledge to the requirements in terms of hosting.

What You Need To Know

How the CLI works

Before considering installing NexoPOS 4.x, we believe you know how to install Laravel. This means you should be familiar with the CLI (Command Line Interface) which is mostly used to install NexoPOS 4.x.

How Git Works

You also need to be familiar with Git, which is used to deploy and update NexoPOS 4.x.

How Composer Works

Composer is used to installing NexoPOS 4.x dependencies. Knowing the basics here are fairly enough. For further instructions, you can find these on the composer website.

How to be patient

NexoPOS 4.x installation might take some time or not according to whether your server is configured or not. For an empty server, the configuration + the installation might take up to 30 minutes. When everything is set up, the installation might take up to 10 minutes.

In case you have some issue during the installation, there are two options that are available for you :

Hosting Requirement

NexoPOS 4.x shouldn't be installed on shared hosting. This absolutely unadvised. In order to use all the features of NexoPOS without worrying about the performance, you're invited to use a server with at least 2 GB of ram. There are many providers available out there who can be used :


Vultr is a popular Cloud Hosting provider. We've currently hosted our applications using this provider. They have a quite reliable server availability. They also over cheap and servers with various stacks.

Digital Ocean

Same as Vultr, Digital is a well-known Cloud Hosting provider that has many plans with various instances specifications. Their dashboard might look intimidating for a beginner, but it's also really easy to use.


Linode is one of the most popular providing affordable cloud hosting and various other hosting services. Getting started with this provider is as easy as it is for Digital Ocean and Vultr.