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This action occurs whenever the component that displays pending orders is refreshed. This allows you to inject custom components in vanilla javascript to interact with those orders.

To illustrate better how to use this action, we'll inject a custom button on that component. And from that, we'll display an alert that has the order code.

This action is called multiple times whenever the Vue components perform any change to the "orders" object. This doesn't necessarily imply the dom component to be rendered (and therefore injected Dom elements to be wiped). You'll therefore make sure the Element you inject on the DOM doesn't already exist.

The action consists of "orderLines", which is an array with the order and the dom wrapper. Here is an example of the structure for the orderLines object.

        order: { ... },
        dom: <HTMLElement>{ ... }

The order object here is a plain order with "id", "customer", "tax", etc.