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Customization on NexoPOS 4.x

Only applicable to Premium Package

Service Fees Duration
Configuring the module* $100 2 hours
Creating New Component $80 5 hours
Creating Dynamic & Complex UI From $200 Min 4 days
Creating Setings Page From $60 Min 2 days
API Interaction From $300 Min 5 days

Frequently Asked Question

on subscription plans.

Is That An Auto-Hosted ?

At the moment we do not offer hosting services. So this is a pricing page for licenses that give access to certains modules and apps.

Does The Source Code Is Provided ?

Yes, when you sign-up for a plan, all modules available on that plan can be downloaded and installed on your server.

What If Subscription Expires ?

Letting your subscription end means losing access to exclusive modules, updates and priority support. You're not forced to dismantle your setup however.

Do You Offer Rebranding ?

Rebranding is considered as customization. So yes, we do offer rebranding. However rebranded apps and modules are supported on customer demand. Contact us for further details.

What Does Installation Means ?

Installation means an instance of NexoPOS 4.x, with one database regardless of the domain where it's installed. In case of local installation, the computer is considered as an instance.

What If I Break The Terms ?

Breaking the terms, ends immediately the subscription of the customer without possibility of refund. And the customer account might be temporarily or permanently suspended.