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While starting using NexoPOS 4.x you can delegate the server management to our team. We'll then be responsible for performing various tasks automatically to ensure NexoPOS 4.x and its related modules run smoothly. However, server management is limited to some tasks and does not apply to some servers. The term "server" as it's used here refers to :

  • Cloud Instance
  • Dedicated Server
  • VPS

The current document only applies to NexoPOS 4.x and its related modules.

# Compatible Operating System

Not all operating systems are supported for this service. One of the common requirements that applies to all operating systems is CLI access. Here is the list of supported operating systems :

  • Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04, and above
  • Centos 7 and Centos 8
  • Windows 10

Each operating system if they are provided without a compatible set of applications requires for NexoPOS 4.x must be provided with a user having shell access. For Linux operating System a server should be provided without any server management application. But in case it is, only the cPanel is accepted.

# In What Consist The Server Management

Here is the list of tasks we'll frequently perform on your server to make sure it's working correctly :

  • Update NexoPOS 4.x
  • Update modules
  • Update the system when it's necessary
  • Install necessary tools for NexoPOS 4.x

# What Is Not Included

Here are the tasks that aren't included in the server management :

  • Performing any tasks that are not related to NexoPOS 4.x (example: installing WordPress).
  • Performing customization on NexoPOS 4.x or any module on the customer demand (customization are paid services which should be priorly discussed with us).

# Regarding Server Management Fees

Server management fees are paid in advance before we start managing a server for at least 3 months. The price might be different according to the number of installations of NexoPOS 4.x that should be managed on a specific server. For further questions about this, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

If the customer doesn't have a server, we can provide a server along with the server management, the monthly fees and the specifications of the server/VPS will be shared with the customer. These fees will be added on top of the server management fees.

Here is the list of the servers providers (hosting) we worked with and actually support.

In case the user has a different server, he should priorly get in touch with us to see whether the provider is supported or not.