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Version v4.5.3

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Last Update Sep 16, 2021

The Nexo Multi-Store Modules provides a feature that helps you create a network of stores within NexoPOS 4.x using a single database. This module replicates most of the features/components that are available on single store mode for each store created. The major difference with the single store is that every store is isolated.

Video Tutorial

If you rather like to see a step by step instruction on how to use the multistore module, we have created a guide for that purpose.


This module is a NexoPOS 4.x module and therefore should be installed from the dashboard. You can follow the tutorial explaining how to install modules on NexoPOS 4.x. Once installed make sure to enable the module.


Once Nexo Multi Store Module is enabled, the layout of the dashboard will change showing a new main dashboard, plus new controls.

As mentionned before, every store has his own components that includes :

  • Products,
  • Products Categories
  • Customers, Customers Groups
  • Unit & Unit Groups
  • Providers, Procurements
  • Settings,
  • Orders
  • Expenses Category & Expenses
  • Notifications

How To Create A Sub Store

While one the dashboard you can click either on the store shortcut popup or from the stores menu on the sidebar.

This will take you to the store list where you can create, manage or delete stores. Click on the "+" button of the abstract table component, to create a new store.

This takes you to a new screen where you can fill the store information, such as :

  • Store Name
  • Status (while creating the status is always "building")
  • Store Image
  • Description

When you click on "Save", you're redirected to the store list and the sub store is being created behind the screen when the "Workers" (Or Queues) are correctly configured. After the creation, you should receive a notification that indicate the store is ready to be used.

Accessing To A Store

When a store is opened, it can be accessed. In order to access a store, you need to open the "Stores" popup by clicking on the "Stores" button on the top of every page (when the multistore is enabled).

When you access a sub store it looks like a single store as it looks and works like a single store. You might even try the store by resetting that store.

How To Restrict Access To Certains Roles

Nexo Multi-Store Modules come with new permissions that grant the capacity to create, update, delete, and access a store. These permissions are to be used with the permission manager included on NexoPOS 4.x.

By default, the Master account and the Store Manager has access to sub-stores. In order to activate that access for other roles (even custom roles), you need to explicitly allow access.

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