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Welcome To NexoPOS 4

Welcome To NexoPOS 4
2020-10-23 Blair2004

Today starts the official website for NexoPOS 4. You might have already heard that NexoPOS 4 is on the way and that's right. Here, you'll find everything useful either for the end-users or the developers in order to enrich the experience using NexoPOS 4.

On a frequent basis, progress and dev-tips are posted in order to keep people informed on the changes and progress.

Why NexoPOS 4 ?

NexoPOS 3.x has been released 4 years ago. Since that time, no major update has been released to solve major common issues. In 2018, NexoPOS 4 has started by, the decision about the technology to use wasn't set. A prior version has been made using Node.js and Angular to create a native application with Electron.js, but the architecture wasn't satisfying enough and there was no clear way to have an online and offline solution with that. After 1 year of serious investigations, Laravel, Vue, and TailwindCSS have been selected to power NexoPOS 4.

NexoPOS 4 is a complete rebuilt of NexoPOS from scratch only using the experiences and the customers' expectations get from NexoPOS 3.x. The idea here is to solve major concerns faced with NexoPOS 3 that is "scalability" & "stability". Moreover, NexoPOS 4 aims to be a real pluggable application, that can be extended by anyone having development skills.

Where is NexoPOS 4 Now ?

NexoPOS 4 is a new project, that requires times, involvement and passion. The project has started in July 2020 and it's close to having a first beta version. However, at launch NexoPOS 4.x won't have all the features that NexoPOS 3.x has (note that NexoPOS 3.x has been since 4 years maintained to reach his current level). But gradually, it will be implemented.

The minimum features planned to be released are those useful to manage a stock and the store along with related expenses (charges). With the work ongoing, the first beta version should be ready on early December 2020 or maybe before.

Your Contributions Are Welcome

NexoPOS 3.x has made his way that far thanks to contributions. Most of the improvements that have been added were initially shared as an idea. You're therefore invited to share your ideas on Github. You can also already download NexoPOS and just give it a try to see where it is. There is a tutorial available that should guide you on how to install NexoPOS on Windows 10. More tutorials are about to be released here. But you can also test the demo online if you don't want to install it now.

An important note is to be taken on the type of contributions. As contributions are welcome, not all a subject of approval. The contributions are expected to share ideas that aren't specific to a country or a judicial system. These could lead to a specific customization.