How To Create And Manage Units & Unit Groups

The major addition of NexoPOS 4.x is providing support for units of measure. A unit of measure is a feature through which NexoPOS 4.x is able to handle stock using various measures. This tutorial will then explore what is the working principle of the units, units group and how to create and use them.

Unit Of Measure : Working Principle

The idea behind the unit of measure is that not all products could be counted and sold the same way. As most products could be sold as a piece, many other needs a different handlement. For example, meat can be sold using the kilogram measure, gasoline as liters, eggs as dozen. According to the way you plan to sell your item, you’ll create a unit and a unit group.

What are Unit Groups?

NexoPOS 4.x introduces the concept of units group which ensures to have units of the same nature grouped together. For example a within the unit group “Liquids” we can create “Liters”, “Milliliters” measures. Within the unit group “Weightable” we can create “Kilogram” and “Gram” measures.

About Units and Base Units

Every unit group has a base unit. This unit is a pivot as it’s based on that accurate calculation is made for conversion. Usually, the base unit is the smallest unit of the group. In the case of the “Liquids” unit group, the smallest unit we might want to use is “Milliliters” which should therefore be set as the base unit.

The subsequent units defined on the same unit group must use the base unit value as a reference. For example, if we set the “Milliliters” value to be “1”, then the “Liter” value will be 1000 times a milliliter so “1000”.

Another example will be, if the “Egg Piece” value is set to “1”, then “Egg Thirties” will be 30 times “Egg Piece” so “30”.

Let’s now figure out how to define a unit group and attach unit to it.

How to Create a Unit Group

First of all we’ll create a group. For this example we’ll assume we’re selling eggs, so we’ll create “Countable Eggs”. It might be just “Countable” things that we can count in pieces, but as we want to give a special values to the units, we’ll use that specific name.

Create Unit Group UI

In order to create a Unit Group, you need to head to “Inventory > Create Unit Group”. This shows a common CRUD UI where you have to provide a title at least and a description if you want. Then you can save the form. You’ll be redirected to the list of the unit groups created so far.

How To Create A Unit

Now that we have a Unit Group ready, let’s create some Units. As we’re working on “Countable Eggs”, we need to identify what are the possible way eggs could be sold on the system. Usually, eggs can be sold as :

  • Piece (1): base unit
  • Pack of Six (6)
  • Dozen (12)
  • Thirties (30)

The value that is available on the brace is the value of the unit. In order to create a unit, always under the inventory menu, let’s choose “Create Unit”. That takes you to a common CRUD interface, where you can define :

  • The name
  • The preview URL
  • The value
  • The group to which the unit must be assigned
  • Whether it’s a base unit or not
  • Description

Once you’re set, you need to click on “Save” and proceed as mentioned above to create subsequent units.

Created Units

That’s all to create units group and units on NexoPOS 4.x. You might wonder now how to assign these to a product. That’s covered in another tutorial.


Introducing My NexoPOS for NexoPOS 4.x

After many months of planning, My NexoPOS is now available for the public. This service mainly aims to be the first location to look for information on NexoPOS 4.x and related modules/services. Throughout this tutorial, we’ll let you know what is My NexoPOS, how it will evolve over time, and talk about the NexoPOS 4.x beta 1 release date.

The Main Purpose Of My NexoPOS

My NexoPOS is first the blog where we share resources regarding NexoPOS 4.x. By resources, we consider User Guides, Developers tutorials, miscellaneous posts around NexoPOS 4.x. We have therefore mainly created this website to ensure providing the most useful resources for anyone interested in using NexoPOS 4.x. However, that can’t only be the only reason.

My NexoPOS Enhances NexoPOS 4.x Features

NexoPOS 4.x as you might already know is a free point of sale application. Based on the experience we’ve got with our previous customers, we wanted to offer the best possible free open source system, to ensure without spending any penny, anyone can try NexoPOS 4.x and use it right away. However, My NexoPOS plans to provide more features to NexoPOS 4.x by providing a set of services that, while being optional, are highly helpful.

Dedicated Support Team

One of the benefits of My NexoPOS is to provide a dedicated team that is available to help and guide on the installation and the configuration.

The support we provide goes beyond the original version of the application as in some cases, we can assist you even on a customized version of NexoPOS 4.x. Our team will also install and configure NexoPOS 4.x in your server to make sure it works correctly and completely.

MarketPlace Of Modules

The basic features of NexoPOS 4.x might not be enough for most businesses. That’s the reason why we’ve created a marketplace of modules. That will be a repository of all the modules we’ve created around NexoPOS 4.x. Here is the list of the modules that are currently on our roadmap :

  • Gastro 4.x,
  • Self Ordering Kiosk 4.x,
  • Legacy NPS 3.x,
  • NexoPOS 3.x Migration Module
  • Racks Manager
  • Multi-Store Module
  • Stock Transfer Module
  • eCampaign
  • SMS Modules & Campaign

Because we want NexoPOS 4.x to be extensible, we believe decoupling features into modules, ensures to have a fast default version that isn’t overloaded. The major benefit of the marketplace is that modules available there doesn’t require purchase. The only thing to have is a valid subscription plan. The price of the subscription won’t increase as the modules list grows.

Mobiles & Native Applications

NexoPOS 4.x aims to be more compatible with various devices. In order to be able to be compatible, we’ll create various mobiles & desktop applications. Here is the list of the applications that are currently in our roadmap :

  • Barcode Reader (mobile app)
  • Online Store (mobile app)
  • Order Delivery (mobile app)
  • Nexo Print Server 4.x with Cloud Printing (desktop app)
  • NexoPOS 4.x with Offline Services (desktop app)
  • Waiter App (mobile app)

We’ll elaborate in detail on what are each application and how it works. Those having access to the mobiles & native apps has an access to experimental research, so they can before everyone try our new projects on NexoPOS 4.x.

NexoPOS 4.x Beta One Release Date

While the development of NexoPOS 4.x is still ongoing, we’re pretty confident about the system and the features that will be available on beta 1. We’ve scheduled the release of the beta for December 15, 2020. This should give us (with your contribution) enough time to test most of the available features and ensuring it works as it’s expected.

We’ve yet released a list of features that should be available on NexoPOS 4.x. Some of these features won’t be available at the release of beta 1, but gradually after the tests that we’ll run until beta 2 (or production-ready version), we’ll start working on these features (modules).

My NexoPOS Premium Early Access

We have yet received a lot of encouragement and support from our customers. Being able to support the project was restricted to a few well-known customers. However, as the project is close to being released, we yet want to offer a deal to all our customers. My NexoPOS offers 3 subscription packages. Amount these subscriptions we’ve chosen to offer the Premium Package with 50% Off. This means the package that includes :

  • Dedicated Support & Updates
  • Includes 5 installations
  • Marketplace Access (+10 modules)

Originally billed $ 479.88 is now $239.88/1 year, until December 2020. As we’ve initially mentioned, our team will closely support each customer and yet we’ll guide them through the configuration of NexoPOS on their environment (as 80% of included features aren’t likely to change on production).

Summary On My NexoPOS

My NexoPOS is then a service we’ve created to help anyone interested on NexoPOS 4.x using it at his full capacity. As some features aren’t yet available, we’re confident they’ll be added and will work smothly. You should remember, NexoPOS 4.x is free and can be downloaded on Github. If you have some ideas you believe will be useful for NexoPOS 4.x, we’re open for any type of contribution. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, you can yet get a plan available early access.