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Version v4.7.2

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Last Update Oct 23, 2023

Nexo Cloud Print is a module that monitors print jobs and executes those on local printers. This module should be installed (mostly) locally where the printers are either connected or accessible.

The Cloud Print module uses as a bridge for linking NexoPOS 4.x installation with local printers. This explains how to configure and use the module.


Before using this module, you'll need to make sure your installation of NexoPOS 4.x has the module Nexo Print Adapter and the cloud printing is enabled and properly configured. Once it's done, you need to create a setup and make sure to link your printers so it's all available on Once all those steps are performed, you need to link your installation with

Architecture Explained

This module works as a client, this means it should be installed (most of the time) on a separate local installation of NexoPOS 4.x. On the other side, your NexoPOS 4.x installation where you have your sales, products, customer, etc, works as the server and My NexoPOS is the bridge between both. This image might explain better how the architecture is designed.

If you don't have it yet, you'll need to have a local installation of NexoPOS 4.x. And on that installation, you'll install this module and configure it as follows.

Configuring The Cloud Printing

We'll assume you've correctly installed the module. Now after enabling, you need to head to the Settings then cloud printing.

From there, you'll see a form that looks like this.

Let's break down the steps :

  1. You need to copy the redirect URL
  2. You need to create an API client and copy the App ID and secret ID
  3. Past the App ID and Secret ID
  4. Connect to My NexoPOS.

You'll land on the grant page where you'll allow your client to manage your printers.

The next step will be to monitor a setup. A setup consists of printers you've synchronized from Nexo Print Adapter.

A setup that doesn't have any printers cannot print. Make sure to check your account and see if you have any printers available on

Jobs Monitoring

Now that you've selected a setup, your local installation of NexoPOS will start monitoring print jobs. Note that you need to keep the page open if you always want the system to fetch jobs and turn them into prints.

Print Jobs Pricing

As Nexo Cloud Print uses our infrastructure for printing, print jobs aren't free. When you acquire a license of Nexo Print Adapter, it gives 500 free print jobs on your account. This will be useful for testing the service.

When your print jobs reach 0, you need to purchase new print jobs in order to keep using the service. You'll be able to do that from the section where you create setups.

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