CoWorkers Module for NexoPOS 3.x

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Version v1.2.2

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Last Update Jun 25, 2022

The Co-Worker modules create a new Role on NexoPOS 3.x. These roles can be assigned to a product which in most cases should be a service. Co-Workers Module can therefore be used by a Saloon, Spa or any other service that requires "workers" (different from the cashier) to handle a job.

Configuring Categories

As not every product might be a service, it's therefore important to define which category of products will require the selection of workers.

Creating Workers

After having configured the category, you need to define the workers. As the module provides a new role, you just need to head to the users and create new users with the "Worker" role.

Select Workers From POS

Once you have configured the categories and created some workers, you now need to head to the POS where you can make a sale. For every product that belongs to a category on which you have enabled the selection of the workers, a popup will be displayed to select the worker.

Once the workers as selected, they'll be available on the product selected. You can from there remove a worker or add new workers if it's necessary.

Once an order is placed, it's no more possible to change the worker. The only solution for canceling a worker is to delete the order.

Workers Reports

You can access to the workers report and see all the service on which they have been involved.

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